Send CreditCard Payments by e-mail

Send your payment details by e-mail and get paid by CreditCard using PayPal.

Requesting money from the "inside" of your PayPal account is not problem if you know which e-mail (PayPal) address is used by someone else. The form on this site is able to do two things: First you can send a payment link to someone's e-mail address and second you can send money to a PayPal user without to register a PayPal account (pay with your CreditCard).

PayPal Payments Tool

Use this form to create the payment information which is needed to process a payment on the Paypal website. You have two options:

  1. Send a payment to a PayPal user (he can pay with his CreditCard or with PayPal)
  2. Create a link to this site which "holds" your payment details and send the link to someone else (request a payment)

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